VideeTV: Monetize Your Videos & Free Content Library: Video Player WordPress Plugin

Videe.TV is a video monetization service by Verta Media which works alongside a free WordPress plugin to allow you to monetize videos embedded on your WordPress website. You have the choice of using it to monetize your own videos through the embedding of pre-roll video advertisements which means you get paid per impression rather than click-throughs from the ads.

The ads are targeted so their ad server will pick up most relevant ads for a certain audience. Videe.TV is integrated with Data Management Platforms (DMPs) that allow to analyze a browser session and collect various data about your visitors: GEO, age, approximate income, etc. Videe.TV has strong base of advertisers (companies that pay you for showing their ads to your users) in US, UK, CAN and AU that means you can earn more if you have thousands of visitors from these countries.


Videe.TV also contains over 20,000 videos in their content library which you can use free of charge on your site if you dont create your own video content. You are able to display these videos individually or create your own playlist of videos which you can display with the included video player using a widget or by inserting into posts and pages.

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  • Free of Cost VAST/VPAID Compliant Videe.TV Video Player
  • Supports Flash and HTML5 Playback
  • High-Quality Video Content Library
  • Video Auto-play Option
  • Option to Overlay Videos with Images You Want
  • A Live Preview of Your Video
  • 85+ Demand Side Partners for Effective Video Monetization
  • Real-Time Reports

Create Your Account

The first thing you will need to do is register for a free account on the Videe website, fortunately this is a quick process – simply fill out the registration form, confirm your email address and then you will have access to the service.


Once you have logged in to the site, you will be shown the main dashboard which will display your stats, payment details and allow you to create playlists.


You should now grab the free plugin from the WordPress directory, and upload it to your site.

Using the Plugin

Once the plugin is activated, you will need to connect it to your account on Videe.TV, if you visit the settings page you will see a button to do so.


Once you have entered your email and password to connect the website to your Videe.TV account, the page will refresh showing their library of videos which you can then add to a playlist.


The library, at the time of writing, contains 38472 videos to choose from – you can use the search box at the top to search for videos or you can can search by keyword, category, upload date, language, duration, views, license or max quality.


You can go through the available videos and next to each one you would like to add to your playlist click the button to the right of it, If you hover at the bottom of the screen an overlay will popup showing which videos you have added. Once you’re happy with the playlist, name it and click the “Save Playlist” button. Here you will see I created a test playlist with video game related videos:


Adding your video player to the site is handled by placing a widget, visit “Appearance” > “Widgets” and drag the Videe.TV widget to the desire position in your theme. You can then choose your created playlist from the dropdown and set some playback options – volume, mute, autoplay and loop.


You can also set the monetization options :

  • VPAID Async Recommended when autoplay is disabled. The attribute allows to load ads independently of the video loading, that dicreases the site’s page load time.
  • VPAID Background Recommended for usage together with async attribute. In case the user clicks play button before the ad has loaded, it will keep loading in the background mode. The video will be paused only when the ad starts


The player will then be shown on the front-end of your site like so:


You can also use add videos and playlists within posts, if you visit the post editing screen you will see the Videe.TV plugin has added a sidebar where you can view individual videos or playlists you have created.


You can then add your video content and choose options including size, monetization and playback.


The code will then be added to your post and display the player with your chosen options within the post.


Options and Statistics

The Videe.TV plugin allows you to replace the default WordPress player throughout your site and you also have the option to monetize your own videos which are uploaded using the WordPress media library. From this options page, you can also enter your PayPal email where you want to receive payments earned from your site.


The Statistics tab of the plugin menu is where you can view how many ad impressions you have served and your revenue for the day / week and month.



Video advertising is experiencing huge growth at the moment with 2016 set to hit 20.72 billion this year, up from 15 billion in 2015 and 11 billion in 2014 ( source ). As traditional banner style advertising is becoming less effective over time and more and more people blocking display ads, now seems to be a good time to look at video as a medium to add revenue to your website.

Videe.TV have done a good job building this plugin – it was easy to search their content and create a playlist, depending on your niche you should find some relevant videos you can add to your site, although I suspect where this plugin and service will really shine is if you have your own content and audience to monetize using the service.

While I cant comment on what revenue its possible to bring in with Videe.TV as that will largely depend on your content and where your visitors are located, I have heard that video advertising can be quite lucrative and considering you are paid on impressions rather than clicks I can see it doing well on a site which generates lots of video plays. The types of site I can see this doing well with are the viral / buzz type of websites which are so popular at the moment – if you could generate visitors via social media and embed the video player on your site Im sure you would get a lot of video impressions.

Take a look at Videe.TV if you are looking for ways to add an additional revenue stream to your current site.

Visit Videe.TV » Download The Free Plugin »


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