The Top Free Project & Task Management Plugins for WordPress

Running a business requires that you stay organized. Regardless of the industry that you are in, if you fail to organize, you will run out of luck. Various tools are available to stay organized; however, picking up the right one may prove difficult. Nonetheless, it is a priority if you need to stay organized. Therefore, you need to do so fast. One of the ways you can stay organized is bringing project management to WordPress.

Why Is Project Management Important and What Does It Accomplish

Project management helps add organization to your business. It helps keep every project and task that is associated to the project coordinated. It is similar to how you look at your calendar and know whether the schedule of your project is correct.

Similarly, proper project management helps you keep track of the deadlines scheduled and allows your team to collaborate efficiently. Additionally, it helps collaboration with contractors and clients who are not part of your internal team. With a proper system, you can be sure that every member of your team knows exactly what is expected of them and you can always refer back to old conversations in the system instead of going through email after email.

Time saving is essential in project management; therefore, the tools to manage your project help you do so. The amount of time you would spend scrolling through emails can be spent on actual work. Since the location of the tool is in WordPress, members of your team need not worry about checking in.

Opting for a Project Management System

Before you press install on a project management tool, you may want to consider thinking seriously on the issue. The features that you must have, the features you cannot live with, and make a list of priorities you need before making a decision.

You need to know if you require front-end solutions that your clients can access or just a back-end system for you and your team. Find out if you can manage to accommodate contractors together with your team. The type of indicators you need to measure progress; a calendar, conversation tracking, milestones or a to-do-list. Finally, you should find out if you require time tracking ability.

The following are the top rated project management plugins for WordPress.

SP Project and Document manager


This plugin simplifies management of documents and files across several media types for a number of organizations. Using this tool, you can manage clients’ accounts, individual documents, and distribution. It works with multisite and is available on premium version. Premium features you get include custom fields, responsive layouts, custom email notifications, versioning, and thumbnails for projects and file collaborations. You can add other features like customer’s stand-alone dashboards, BuddyPress groups, Dropbox integration and downloadable zip archives, Google drive importer, subfolder, integration of WordPress user roles and much more. This handy plugin is good for management of documents within WordPress.

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BP GTM System


This is short for BuddyPress Group Tasks Management system. It gives you control in terms of development by helping you add tasks as well as subtasks in your dashboard. Manage to synchronize tasks, such as categories, specific projects, and tags.

Create tasks using TinyMCE and set them as completed or pending. Additionally, you can sort out using filters, change tasks in the project that are assigned to them. The plugin works with WordPress capabilities and roles and you can attach various files and discussion posts to allow for better collaboration and feedback for your internal team or contractors.

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WordPress Task Management


This is a premium plugin worth checking out. It is straightforward and operates strictly out of the back-end of your WordPress site. Your team can manage to track activities of your existing projects using this plugin. These activities are interlinked to individuals or to the whole organizations ensuring that everyone knows the schedule of their tasks. You are able to generate reports and track activities, make comments on task and integrate user roles for better collaboration.

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You can turn your WordPress dashboard to a developed business management tool using this plugin. All the features required for a project management tool are found in this plugin. This allows you to customize all the needs of your business.

What makes the plugin unique is the front-end theme that helps you provide front-end access to any project management tools easily. You can change the theme, as the plugin is highly extendable.

When you install it, you can add new projects, connect them to customers, add people to your organization, and add pages, related content, and new posts for your internal team and intranet communication. There is a comment system included in the plugin that allows communication for all companies, people, posts, and pages to enable feedback.

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Task Freak


The plugin provides for a quick way to manage tasks that are within the dashboard. You can create, edit, as well as delete projects and tasks. Additionally, you can add attachments to your tasks and include comments on tasks using the comment system provided.

It is responsive and perfect to manage private and public projects. There is a multi-language support in the system that recognizes WordPress roles so that you can attach members to various projects and tasks that consider the current capabilities.

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Project Panorama


With this plugin, your tasks are easy to use and simple due to the core features designed to streamline the project and user management. New features you get with project panorama include project-cloning tool that is helpful in creation of new projects without going through the tedious set up steps. An automatic progress calculation tool allows you to have a bird’s view of the project, tasks and phase completion.

The plug in is unique as it relies on visual communication that makes project management a lot easier. Create an unlimited number of project phases that have unlimited tasks that you can easily communicate with the members of your team on where the project stands and give as much details as you need.

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Other plugins for WordPress that help in project management and rated highly include Collabpress, WP Project Manager, and wrapping. Ensure you pick a plugin that suits the individual needs for your project.

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